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"This program works, At 50 years old I went from 280 last year and am now at 225. It takes work and discipline but so does many things worth having in life. Back at it to get to 210 and will sustain that through upkeep, mindfulness, and discipline. Thanks, Nick!!!"
- Bruce B.
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"Down a total of 49.2 lbs. Thanks for all the advice. Just broke 200lbs, almost back to college days."
- Peter G.
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"I'm down 30lbs in 38 days on the program (not counting the 2-week break). My wife is down 5lbs but 3 pants sizes. She just went nuts in fashion valley buying new pants lol."
- John D.
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"Midway through my second month. I've gone from 232 down to 207. Couldn't be happier. 🇺🇸 "
- Rafael M.
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"I have lost 39 LBS! This has resulted in kudos from my Dr. My energy level is off the charts compared to where I was in early July! I have also lost 5" off my waist, almost 4" off my butt, and am rapidly running out of clothes that fit!"
- Johnathan D.

Personal PlANS

A custom meal plan that is healthy for your body, easy to prepare, affordable, and provides you the fuel you need to achieve your goals. Also, you will get a custom, sustainable training plan designed to help you achieve your fitness goals safely and efficiently.

Your Tracker

I will monitor your progress weekly. You can easily track anywhere or anytime. I will be making the right adjustments along the way to help you achieve your goals and full potential.

Online Coaching App and its features - chat and tracker

daily Support

24/7 support from me, directly through my app. I will regularly help with any questions you have, whilst providing tips and motivation to help push you towards each of your goals.

Online Coaching App and its features - chat and tracker

Nick Hardwick

I’m Not as Good Today as I Will Be TOMORROW

Hi! My name is Nick Hardwick. I am a devoted husband, father, and fitness professional.

Following my retirement from an 11-year career as the starting center for the San Diego Chargers, I lost 85 pounds in under 5 months so I could become the husband, father, and leader that my family needed me to be.

It has become my passion and profession to share the wealth of knowledge I have gathered and coach other men so they can reclaim their health and reclaim their lives. No matter your starting place or experience level, I have the knowledge, communication skills, and leadership ability to help coach you into the body that you may think is unattainable at this point. Trust me, it’s not too late. We can get there…together!


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You can expect appropriately challenging workouts that ADD ENERGY to your life rather than zap you for the rest of the day. They will be designed and structured to allow you to continue making progress towards your goal. Your meals will be custom-tailored to your goals. Your ingredients will be easily found everywhere and they will be simple and easy to follow recipes.

Based on your current body, your goals, and your activity levels, our team designs a nutritional plan that includes, DELICIOUS and EASY to PREPARE meals to help you achieve those goals. We deliver new meal ideas and recipes through our APP and in PDF format. Many of our clients actually print off the PDF and have begun constructing their own CUSTOM RECIPE BOOK to keep FOREVER! Pretty cool. 

You get to decide what foods to include or exclude from your program. We work with clients that are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, etc. As you’ll frequently hear, it is our job as coaches to design a program that ‘WORKS FOR YOU!’ We can accommodate nearly any preferences and STILL have a custom program designed around your preferences. 

 Absolutely. In fact, we hope that you still get out and enjoy your life. We will include a GUIDE TO ‘HEALTHY’ FAST FOOD for you BUSY PROFESSIONALS that don’t have a lot of time for lunch, so you can stay on track with your health goals and grab a quick bite to eat. 

We accommodate EVERYONE. From the complete novice to former professional athletes. We WILL design a program that MEETS YOU WHERE YOU ARE and is built to make improvements from there. 

The workouts are safe, effective, and time-efficient. Exercises are chosen in that order. They are sustainably-driven bodybuilding style workouts, focused on mind-muscle connection, time under tension, controlled movements, and a full range of motion for mobility. 

From wherever your starting place may be…We will use a PROGRESSIVE MODEL to naturally guide you towards your ultimate goal, while teaching you a system that can be SUSTAINABLE and REPEATABLE FOR LIFE.



→They are made to ENHANCE your life, not suck the life from it! 

→There is no need to LIVE in the gym for hours at a time to SEE RESULTS!

→You should not have to “Recover” from your workouts with expensive treatments or therapies like cryo, stretch, or massage.  

Other than maintaining your step count at around 10,000 on average daily, I won’t ask you to do cardio. However, if you already have a cardio regimen that you follow and love (whether it be the Peloton, Rower, Running, Spin Class, or anything else), stick with it. I will never discourage you from any form of exercise. They all contribute to a healthy lifestyle change. The same can be said for additional GROUP FITNESS classes. Feel free to drop in and feel the energy around you, socialize, break a sweat, and get a great workout. But, you do not need ADDITIONAL CARDIO or FITNESS CLASSES other than WALKING to achieve your weight loss or body goals. Stick to the plan that is drawn out for you and OVER TIME, you will ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!